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Officially Issued by District XI

District XI Committee
Bylaws, Policies, Forms and Information
Adopted: April 12, 2010
Updated:  January 15, 2018

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Table of Contents
1. Name 4
2. Vision and Purpose 4
1. Vision 4
2. Purpose is 4
3. District Membership 5
1. School membership 5
2. Cooperative Sports Agreements Within District XI 5
3. Changes of District Membership 5
4. Leagues and Conferences Within District 5
5. Home Schoolers, Cyber Charter Schools and Charter Schools 5
4. Finance 6
1. Dues Amount, Payment Dates and Delinquencies 6
2. Budgeting Dates 6
3. Audit (Dates) 6
4. Fees Annual 6
5. Investment Savings 8
6. District- Wide Banking and Checking 8
7. Miscellaneous 8
5. District XI Committee Organization 9
1. Membership of The District Committee 9
2. Elections and Appointments 10
3. Appointments 12
4. Vacancies In District Committee 12
5. Removal 12
6. Meetings 12
7. Records 14
8. Miscellaneous 18
6. Officers and Staff 19
1. District XI Committee Officers 19
2. District XI Committee Staff 19
3. Sub- Committee Chairman and Membership 20
4. Removal 20
7. District XI Sub-Committees 21
1. Sports Sub-Committees 21
2. Steering Sub-Committees 22
8. Powers and Duties of the Committee, Officers, and Staff 24
1. Powers and Duties of A District XI Committee 24
2. Job Description 25
9. Local Management and Control 28
1. School Level 28
2. Conferences/ Leagues (Guidelines) 29
10. Problem Solving Provisions 30
1. Definitions 30
2. Problem Solving Procedures 30
11. Miscellaneous Provisions 42
1. Definitions 42
2. Related Organizations 42
12. Amendments to By-Laws and Policies 42
1. Procedures for Formal Adoption 42
2. Procedures for Amendments 42
Appendix A--Member School Listing
Appendix B-- Current Cooperative Sports Agreements Within District XI
Appendix C--District XI Leagues and Affiliations
Appendix D--Listing of Current District XI Committee Members, Officers & Staff
Appendix E--Approved Expenses and Payment Amounts
Appendix F--Calendar of Actions
Appendix G—Sports Sub-Committee Membership
Appendix H—Media Fees
Appendix I – Steering Sub Committees
Appendix J – Game Manager Responsibilities
Appendix K – Site Manager Responsibilities
Appendix L—Officials’ Representative Responsibilities
Appendix M—Athletic Transfer Waiver Request Procedure
Appendix N – District XI Committee Stipends
Appendix O – Power Rating System

1 Name
     • The Name of the district committee shall be the District XI Committee of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. (Hereafter sometimes referred to as PIAA District XI Committee.)

2 Vision and Purpose
     2.1 Vision:
          2.1.1. It shall be the mission of the PIAA District XI Committee to support the purpose of the PIAA Constitution as stated in Article II, Section 1,2, and 3.
          2.1.2 The mission shall include encouraging and demonstrating collegiality, sportsmanship, and good will between and among member schools’ personnel.
          2.1.3 The Committee’s mission shall also include supporting and promotion all   eligible athletes in their endeavors.

     2.2 Purpose is:

          2.2.1 To organize, develop, and direct and interscholastic athletic program which will promote, protect and preserve the health and physical welfare of all participants in District XI.
          2.2.2 To formulate and maintain policies that will safeguard the educational values of interscholastic athletics and cultivate the high ideals of good sportsmanship in District XI.
          2.2.3 To promote uniformity of standards in all interscholastic athletic competition in District XI.
          2.2.4 To further the implementation of the policies and by-laws of the PIAA and District XI within the District XI membership area.

3 District Membership

3.1 School Membership
Public and private schools that are members of the PIAA are assigned to their respective districts by their location in assigned counties approved by the state committee. District XI is composed of the following counties: Lehigh, Northampton, Schuylkill, Monroe, Carbon, and Bucks. Districts may transfer into or out of the district by favorable action of the concerned district committees and the PIAA Board of Directors. (Article V)
     • See Appendix A for current membership

3.2. Cooperative Sports Agreements Within District XI
Various member schools may enter into cooperative sports agreements as outlined in the PIAA Constitution and Bylaws.
     • See Appendix B for current agreements in place.

3.3. Changes of District Membership
Schools or districts may request change in District XI membership by following PIAA procedures for change in district membership
     • Private schools were permitted to join PIAA by legislative act in 1973

3.4. Leagues and Conferences Within District
Various Leagues and conferences are organized and utilized by member districts to better organize their inter-school competition and cooperation. At the present time, District XI strives to work cooperatively with its respective leagues and conferences.
     • See Appendix C for listing of current operating leagues and conferences.

3.5. Home Schoolers, Cyber Charter Schools and Charter Schools
     • Students enrolled in Cyber Charter Schools, Charter Schools or as a home school student are to be treated in the same manner as students attending the physical high school, middle school, or junior high school for athletic eligibility considerations and must be included in your PIAA enrollment figures.
     • The home school district in which they would normally attend, handles most decisions concerning these students
     • Schools in this category would acquire membership in District XI if they met membership requirements of the PIAA.

4 Finance

4.1. Dues Amount, Payment Date and Delinquencies
     • At present time, District XI pays all PIAA dues for its member schools.
     • District XI will be responsible for any dues, obligations or payments related to district wide commitments to the PIAA or national affiliations
     • In order for member school dues to be paid, the following criteria must be met by each member high school:
          o Attend the annual District XI Principal & Athletic Director meeting held in the Spring.  If the principal or athletic director cannot attend, a representative currently employed at the member school must be present and serve as the designee authorized by the principal.
          o Provide the District XI Webmaster with accurate, updated contact information annually in August.
          o Actively monitor data entry and compliance with the District XI Power Point System.
          o Comply with the PIAA Constitution, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and Sportsmanship guidelines.
          o Require athletic directors be active members in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Director’s Association (PSADA).
          o Require new athletic directors to complete the PSADA Mentorship Program.

4.2. Budgeting Dates
     • Proposed budget to be submitted to the district committee by August 1 and will be approved at the August meeting.
          o Sport Budgets must be presented to the Treasurer by July 1.

4.3. Audit (Dates)
     • To be completed as soon as possible after July 1st of each year contingent on PIAA requirements.
     • A subcommittee of the District XI Committee will be established to conduct an internal audit of the District XI Books.

4.4. Fees Annual
     • The District XI committee will be responsible for paying the conference registration and lodging for one (1) male and one (1) female District XI Official’s Representative to help support the PIAA officials’ convention.  If our District XI Official Representatives are unable to attend, a District XI Committee Representative may serve as a designee as approved by the District XI Chairman.
     • See Appendix E categories of persons and amounts to be paid.

     4.4.1. Committee Member Expenses
     • Travel costs with itemized receipt.
     • Mileage reimbursement rate set at current IRS rate.
     • Lodging with itemized receipt.
     • Meals while performing a function on behalf of the district committee.  Itemized receipts must accompany reimbursement form.  The purchase of alcohol is NOT an authorized reimbursable expense.
     • Entry purchases—The district shall provide a PIAA monogrammed neck tie or scarf and a weather resistant coat, all on a one time basis to incoming members of the district committee in appreciation of their voluntary service to the district wide interscholastic athletics and to provide identification of their position on the district committee at district events.
     • Committee Members and Auxiliary Personnel will be reimbursed $40 per meeting per diem and mileage for all District XI Meetings.
     • Reimbursement checks will be processed monthly on a date determined by the District XI Treasurer.
     • All conference requests must be made and pre-approved by the committee as a whole.  If a regularly scheduled meeting does not occur prior to registration deadline, the executive committee can take action.
     • All committee expenses must be submitted on the standard District XI “pink sheet”.
     • Event Manager / Tournament Director positions must be filled by District XI Committee Members.  In the case where a District XI Committee Member is unavailable, those positions should be filled by a school official from a PIAA District XI member school and shall be reimbursed accordingly by District XI.
     • Committee Member Expenses are for committee members ONLY.

     4.4.2. Championships
     • District XI will pay $100.00 to PIAA as an insurance fee for each playoff site used for basketball, wrestling and football.

     4.4.3 Media
     • PIAA District XI enters into media contracts with Service Electric, Blue Ridge Communications, and RCN.
     • All other media fees, including webcasts are included in Appendix H.

     4.4.4 Merchandizing

          • The merchandizing committee and sports chairman will have the authority to negotiate the concession arrangements at District XI sponsored events. The merchandizing committee will be empowered to sell items either through presale or at events carrying District XI logos. Any use of District XI name for commercial use must have prior approval of the merchandizing committee.

          • The merchandizing committee and the respective sports committee will determine if programs will be prepared and sold at District XI sponsored events.

 Sales Tax
          • The PIAA District XI committee is a tax exempt agency but should be charged sales tax by the vendor if selling taxable items for profit.

          4.4.5 Annual Spring Principal / Athletic Director Meeting Fees
          • District XI will provide one free meal to each member school at the annual banquet.
          • The District XI Committee may offer complimentary meal tickets to the annual meeting to invited guests, present District XI Committee members and other special situations approved by the District XI Committee. A list of complimentary meals will be approved by the District XI Committee and maintained in the District XI records.

4.5 Investments- Savings
     • The District XI budget committee will include a goal of 80% of annual budget to be set aside as a budgetary reserve in each year’s budget proposal.

4.6 District Banking and Checking
     • District XI Committee shall maintain a District-wide banking relationship to provide District XI Championship Contest managers with a mechanism for depositing revenues generated as a result of those contest. Such revenues shall be deposited within two (2) business days and shall not be deposited in any personal or non-school accounts.
     • District XI Committee shall issue checks for reimbursement to participating member schools (if applicable) and payments to Contest sites for their non-contracted rental charges and services, District XI-Appointed Contest managers, District XI- Assigned Contest officials, and all other individuals compensated for facilities or services in connection with District XI Championship Contests. Payments to Contest sites for their non-contracted rental charges and services, District- Appointed Contest managers, and all other individuals compensated for facilities or services rendered in connection with District XI Championship Contest shall occur as soon as reasonable possible following the submission of the respective District XI Championship Contest(s) financial reports to the District XI Treasurer.
     • Please refer to Appendix J for a detailed Game Manager’s Handbook.

4.7 Miscellaneous
     • The District XI Committee will approve all expenditures of $100 and over prior to the commitment of funds.
     • Tournament and sport chairmen may authorize purchases and expenditures according to guidelines and amounts established and approved by the District XI Committee.

5 District XI Committee Organization

5.1 Membership of the District Committee

District Positions  Selection Process    Term
4 EPC Reps  (Recommended by EPC)   1 Year
3 Colonial Reps  (Recommended by Colonial League)  1 Year
3 Schuylkill Reps  (Recommended by Schuylkill League)  1 Year

10 League / Conference Representatives

1 Female Sport Rep  (Recommended by EPC)   1 Year
1 Parent Rep  (Recommended by Colonial League)  2 Years
1 Jr. High/Mid. School Rep (Recommended by Schuylkill League)  2 Years
1 Superintendent Rep (Recommended by Schuylkill League)  3 Years
1 Female Officials Rep (Recommended by Officials)   2 Years
1 Male Officials Rep  (Recommended by Officials)   2 Years
1 A.D.A. President  (Recommended by A.D. Association)  2 Years
1 A.D. Rep  (Recommended by A.D. Association)  1 Year
1 School Board Rep  (Recommended by PSBA Region 8)  2 Years
1 Private School Rep (Recommended by Private Schools)  1 Year

10 Organization Specific Representatives
The Executive Committee may recommend non-voting members of the committee (ex. Recording Secretary, Webmaster, etc.)

If a District Committee member changes jobs within District XI, causing this committee person to represent a different league, this person will be able to fulfill their term.  At the conclusion of their term, their seat becomes vacant and returns to the league / conference originally responsible for filling the vacancy.

Any vacancy that cannot be filled by a league / conference becomes an AT-LARGE vacancy to be filled by any other league.  At the next general election, this position returns to the league originally assigned to fill the position.  Additionally, the positions of Female Sport Rep, Parent Rep, Jr. High/Middle School Rep, and Superintendent Rep may be traded between leagues to fulfill the positions.  An example of this may be that the MVC cannot fill the Superintendent Rep position but the Colonial League can. Then the Colonial League would nominate the Superintendent Rep and the MVC would nominate the Parent Rep. This concept of trading responsibilities for filling District Committee positions may only occur with the four positions mentioned above.

 See Appendix D for the current listing of District XI Committee Members.

5.2 Elections and Appointments
All elections and appointments for the district committee shall be made prior to July 1st (PIAA-Article VIII, 1-Sec C) Procedures should be adopted to insure a secret vote.

     5.2.1 Annual Elections

 Election Committee
The election committee will be appointed by chairman prior to January 31 each year to conduct the election process. Election committee will consist of a chairman and at least two persons not running for election. The Election Committee will serve as the clerks and registrars of the election and pre-election activities.

The election committee will determine if current committee members wish to stand for re-election prior to March 1st of each year.

Nomination petitions for District XI committee positions will be accepted from the general membership. These nomination petitions will be for any position to be included on the annual election ballot. Nomination petitions must have the endorsement of at least 3 Principals of other member schools and must be returned to District XI secretary by March 1. No nominations will be taken from the floor at the annual meeting.

A printed ballot shall be prepared by election committee prior to the annual meeting with the name of the persons running for election and the school district they represent. The Ballot should indicate incumbent status of any respective nominees. On the even years there shall be a separate ballot for the junior high/middle school representative election, which will be cast before the at-large balloting.

Sample ballots will be distributed with the agenda for the annual Spring meeting.

 Annual Election
At the annual meeting in April of each year, each principal will sign in at the meeting or his or her designee will present written credentials of alternate delegate status signed by their respective principal.  Only those credentialed delegates will be issued ballots to vote in the elections. Each member school will receive a ballot for their respective principal or their certified delegate to cast for their choice.

Elections will be by secret ballot. Rules for conducting the election will be explained to the assembly and the candidates will be introduced to the voting delegates. Direction for voting will also appear on the ballot. An additional ballot will settle ties during the same meeting Results will be announced when the tally is finished. Preferably, a PIAA representative will observe the election process and vote counting to insure fairness and appropriateness of the process. If more votes are cast then are eligible to vote, the vote will be declared void and re-vote will be taken.

          5.2.2 Reorganization

The newly elected members of the District XI Committee and the hold over voting members from the previous year shall meet for organizational purposes only, prior to July 1st. They will elect new officers and set the meeting dates (PIAA-Article VIII, Sec 1-E).  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary nominations will be accepted immediately following the annual election of the committee.  Nominations will be placed on a written ballot by the Elections Chairperson to be voted on at the annual June Summer Workshop every year.  Ballots will be provided to the committee members one (1) week prior to the Summer Workshop meeting date via email.

Each newly elected member and hold over voting members from the previous year shall be guaranteed the opportunity to vote on the officers of the District XI Committee.  Committee members unable to attend the meeting when officer elections are conducted may submit their completed ballot (signed & dated) to the Elections Chairperson prior to the election via email, fax, or USPS.  The Election Chairperson must receive all absentee ballots prior to the meeting start time.  Persons submitting absentee ballots should confirm receipt of their ballot with the Election Chairperson.

          5.2.3 Failure to Elect Committee 

If the district committee fails to elect a district committee prior to July 1st the President of the PIAA shall appoint a chairman for the District who shall serve during the ensuing year. The President shall conduct an election for the remaining members of the district committee within one month following their appointment. (PIAA Article VIII, Sec 1-F) The appointed President will convene a special annual meeting and elections within a month of election for vacant positions.

5.3 Appointments 
The District XI Chairman will propose chairman and committee appointments at the districts’ June meeting for ratification by the committee. Appointment to fill sub committee vacancies occurring during the year will occur at the next regular meeting following the vacancy

5.4 Vacancies in District Committee
When a vacancy occurs in the membership of the District XI Committee, the unexpired term shall be filled by the constituency of that position, except that in the case of the School Boards representative, the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) shall appoint an interim representative to fill the unexpired term, and in the case of the officials’ representative, the Executive Director shall conduct a special election among the affected PIAA-registered officials of the District to fill the unexpired term. (PIAA-Article VIII, Sec 1-D) 

5.5 Resignation / Retirement
          5.5.1 A committee member may serve as a consultant for a period of one (1) year past their date of retirement from the committee. 

A retirement honorarium is rendered to committee members using the following formula:
     • 1st five years of service = $100.00 per year
     • Every year after 5 years = $50.00 per year
     • To be eligible for the retirement honorarium, a committee member must have served a minimum of 6 years.
     • Retirement honorariums will no longer be paid to committee members who are elected to the District XI Committee after July 1, 2010.

          5.5.2 Retirees will be recognized at the annual District XI Spring Principal / A.D. Meeting the year following their retirement.  The retirees being honored will be entitled to bring one (1) guest compliments of the District XI Committee.

5.6 Removal
Any committee member may be removed by a vote of two-thirds of the District XI Committee at any meeting of the District XI Committee whenever, in the judgment of the District XI Committee, the best interest of PIAA District XI would be served thereby.

5.7 Meetings

          5.7.1 Meeting Dates
Regular meeting dates will be set at the June meeting each year. The annual Spring meeting will be held in April at a site to be determined.  Committee meetings are regularly held at member schools, as determined by the District XI Committee, except as published with the proposed agenda on the committee’s website at  District XI meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions.

          5.7.2 Quorum
A quorum for regular meetings shall be a majority of the committee membership.

          5.7.3 Special Meetings
The District XI Chairman may call a special meeting; or, three members submitting a written request to the District XI Chairman can call a special meeting. Previous notice of the meeting shall be sent to the members at least three days prior to the meeting. The notice can be given by e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or fax.
          5.7.4 Cancellation of a regularly scheduled meeting
The District XI Chairman or secretary will notify each member by e-mail, postage mail, telephone or fax 24 hours before meeting time except for emergencies or extreme weather situations.

          5.7.5 Executive Sessions for confidential matters
The District XI chairman may call an executive session for matters concerning confidential issues at his discretion. The reason for the executive session will be indicated in the official minutes. Any voting and decision-making will be done in a public meeting. Executive sessions will typically be held to protect the privacy of students or persons involved in particular situations.

          5.7.6 Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in Robert’s Rule of Order: Simplified and Applied shall govern meetings where they are not in conflict with the Bylaws, rules of order, or other rules of the PIAA or district committee.

          5.7.7 Agendas
The District XI Committee Chairman is responsible for preparing the agenda.

High school principals and athletic directors may submit items to District XI Secretary to be placed on district committee next agenda. These items need to be received two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. The secretary will forward all items to the Chairman one (1) week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Proposed agendas will be distributed by email to committee members and will be posted on the web site, one week prior to regular meetings and annual principals’ meeting and 24 hours before emergency meetings. Chairman/Secretary is responsible for the appropriate postings.

o Routine Agenda Order of Business:
     1. Opening Agenda Items
          a. Roll Call
          b. Introduction and recognition of Visitors
          c. Opportunity for Visitors to Speak
          d. Approval of Minutes from last meeting
     2. Finance
          a. Approval of Financial and Treasurer’s report
          b. Approval of Payment of Bills
          c. General Items
     3. Communication
          a. Transfer Requests
          b. Foreign Exchange
          c. Cooperative Sponsorship
          d. Eligibility Determination
     4. Chairman / PIAA Update
     5. Administrative
     6. Old Business
     7. New Business
     8. Administrative Committees
          a. Budget / Financial
          b. Policy
          c. Election
          d. Merchandizing
          e. Website
     9. Sports Specific Committees
          a. Cross Country
          b. Golf
          c. Football
          d. Field Hockey
          e. Soccer
          f. Girls Tennis
          g. Girls Volleyball
          h. Basketball
          i. Swimming & Diving
          j. Wrestling
          k. Baseball
          l. Softball
          m. Track and Field
          n. Boys Tennis
          o. Boys Volleyball
          p. Lacrosse
     10. Next Meeting / Sub Committee Meetings and Adjournment

          5.7.8 Minutes
Meeting minutes will be taken at each regular and special meetings and will be emailed to committee members then posted on web site, two (2) weeks following regular, annual and special meetings by the District XI Secretary.  Even though minutes will be posted, they are not official until formally approved by the District XI Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

          5.7.9 Annual Calendar of Events
A Calendar of District XI championship events will be established at the June workshop committee meeting.

5.8 Records 

          5.8.1. Disclosure of Records

      Disclosure of records to member of the district committee:
Committee members of District XI in a fiduciary relation to the committee are required to perform their duties as committee members in good faith, in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of the district, and with such care, including reasonable inquiry, skill, and diligence, as persons of ordinary prudence would use under certain circumstances. District XI committee members are entitled to see and use documents of District XI that are necessary for them to carry out their duties as committee members.

      Disclosure of records to district and members:
The decision as to what documents, or categories of documents, should be made available to District Members and shall be determined by the District Committee, through specific decisions, the adoption of policies, or delegation of authority to officers and administrative staff. The District XI Committees and members shall be given access to those documents necessary for them to carry out their duties under the District Constitution and By-Laws.

      Disclosure of records to non-district
In accordance with the following procedures, certain District XI    documents may, upon request, be made available to persons not covered by the above stated policies. Staff shall not be required to produce records in any format other than that of the existing document (i.e., shall not be required to convert to electronic format if not already stored in that format) and shall not be required to create, compile, or organize documents which do not already exist or are not so compiled or organized.

District XI may charge a reasonable fee for the cost of copying such records and for the time expended for provision of such service.

      Oral/Written Request:
District XI personnel may fulfill oral requests for documents but are not required to do so. A written request shall be directed to the District XI Chairman. A written request should identify or describe the records sought with sufficient specificity to enable District XI to ascertain which records are being requested and shall include the name and address to which District XI should address its response. The District XI Chairman, or the District XI Chairman s designee, shall respond to a written request (including requests submitted by electronic mail) for records within a reasonable period of time.

 Records Available on Web Site:
If the requested records are available on the District XI Web site, District XI personnel may properly direct the requester to the site. If the requester nevertheless requests production of the documents, District XI shall do so upon receipt of payment for the cost of provision of such documents.

Nothing in this policy is intended to modify, rescind, or supersede any record retention and disposition schedule established pursuant to District XI policy.

 Confidential Information:
Nothing in this policy is intended to supersede District XI’s Policy Regarding Confidentiality of Student-Athlete and Member School Information.

 Documents Available for Inspection/Copying:
The following records shall be accessible for inspection and duplication by a requester in accordance with this policy.

      Records of athletic performances and athletic records of student athletes and member schools.
      District XI constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations.
      Agendas for and minutes of District XI Committee and is Sub-Committee meetings.
      Forms of personnel agreements.
      Bids submitted by, and contracts entered into with, vendors.
      Bids submitted by, and contracts entered into with, entities seeking to host District XI District Championship Contests. Entities submitting proposals should be aware that requests to keep all or some of the contents thereof confidential cannot be accepted by District XI Committee.
      School membership applications.
      Contacts for cooperative sponsorship of sports.
      Annual financial statements and budgets.
      Documents Not Subject to Inspection or copying:
           Personal information of student athletes
           Athletic eligibility and school sanction decisions, except as permitted in District XI’s policy relating to confidentiality.
           Agendas for minutes of executive sessions of the District XI Committee.
           Memoranda and reports of District XI’s counsel relating to litigation.
           Documents submitted to District XI or PIAA by schools and students relating to eligibility matters (unless disclosure is authorized by the submitting school or students).

          5.8.2 Retention of Records

      Records Retention
The District XI staff should keep District XI documents for a reasonable period of time, which, unless substantial reasons exist to extend such period, shall be presumed to be three years. If the records have a possibility of being related to pending or threatened litigation, they should be retained as long as litigation is pending or possible. In determining whether records can be destroyed prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, consideration should be given to the chances of limitation, which party will have the burden of proof, and the exact time period when the statute of limitation applies.

      Other Records
The District XI Staff shall conduct a review of other categories of District XI records to determine whether such documents have some fiscal, legal, or administrative value. They shall then establish a program, to be maintained by the Secretary, for the systematic destruction or disposal of such records. If a record becomes involved with litigation, District XI shall retain the record through the course of litigation. In terms of litigation, records directly relating thereto shall be retained for 10 years. There shall be routine purges, to be conducted every six (6) months, of District XI's back up tapes to eliminate the e-mails that are wasting space on computer hard drives. To permit employees to retrieve information from the system prior to the purge, employees shall be advised of the upcoming purge with a two- month, a month, and then a week's notice of the purge. Employees may print out any item of correspondence that has some value, or transfer it to another drive on the computer. The paper or electronic document should then be retained so long as it has utility, or so long as required by District XI policy

6 Officers and Staff

6.1 District XI Committee Officers
The officers of each District Committee shall be a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, or Secretary-Treasurer combined.  (PIAA-Article VIII, Sec 2)

     6.1.1 District Chairman
The District XI Chairman, a member of the District XI Committee, is to be elected by the new District XI Committee Members after the annual meeting in April of every year. Their term of office shall be from July 1 until June 30 of every year.

     6.1.2 District Vice-Chairman
The Vice-Chairman, a member of the District XI Committee, is to be elected by the new District XI Committee Members after the annual meeting in April of every year.  Their term of office shall be from July 1 until June 30 of every year.

6.2 District XI Committee Staff

     6.2.1 District XI Secretary and/or Treasurer        
     • The District XI Committee shall have a Secretary, and a Treasurer, or a Secretary-Treasurer combined. (PIAA-Article VIII, Sec 2)
     • The members of the district committee will elect the Secretary and/or Treasurer after the annual meeting in April of every year. Their term of office shall be from July 1 until June 30 of each year.

6.3 Sub-committee Chairman and membership
     • The District XI Chairman will appoint all sub-committee chairmanship with the approval of the District XI Committee. Selections should be approved at June Meeting.
     • Roles of Sub-committee Chairmen include responsibility to provide regular reports to the District XI Committee.  See Section 7 for details.

6.4 Removal of an Officer
     • Should an officer be determined, by a 2/3 vote of the members of the District XI Committee, to be incapable of performing the responsibilities of the office, the District XI Committee shall elect an interim officer to serve in the place of the infirm officer until that officer is able to resume the duties of his or her office.  An officer may be removed for any, or no, reason by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors. Notice of the anticipated motion to remove the officer shall be sent to the officer and all members of the District XI Committee at least ten (10) days prior to consideration of the motion.

7 District XI Sub-Committee
7.1 Sports Sub-Committee
Each Sports Sub-Committee will consist of a chairperson (District XI Committee member) and at least one other District XI Committee member.  Each Sports Sub-Committee must also consist of the Sport Chairpersons from each of the Leagues/Conferences within District XI and the Tournament Director (if applicable).  Each sub-committee member will be reimbursed $40.00 per meeting.  Only District XI Committee Members will be reimbursed mileage.

A meeting must be held with the Sports Sub-Committee members immediately following the conclusion of the respective PIAA District XI playoffs. The Sports Chairperson may also hold a seeding verification meeting to prepare for the District XI playoff and championship event(s).  Minutes must be recorded and approved by the District XI Committee as a whole for all Sport Sub-Committee Meetings.

In order for a rule modification to take place in a sport, the entire district must adopt the rule modification at a meeting prior to the beginning of the respective sports season.

Sites for District XI sponsored contests will be recommended by the respective sports chairman in consultation with their committee through a “Request for Quotation” process and approved by the district committee.

The date and times for the District XI sponsored contests will be determined by the sports chairman in consultation with their committee and will be recommended for approval by the sports chairman to the District XI Committee.

Selection of officials for district and inter-district events should include the official’s representative, the sports chairman, and all designated League/Conference assigners.

There should be a cooperative effort between sports chairman, the official’s representative, and the League/Conference assigners to select officials worthy to officiate at the state level.

                      See Appendix G for sports sub-committee membership

     7.1.1 Fall Sports

 Cross Country
 Field Hockey
 Soccer (Boys & Girls)
 Tennis (Girls)
 Volleyball (Girls)

     7.1.2 Winter Sports

 Swimming & Diving
 Competitive Spirit

     7.1.3 Spring Sports

 Track and Field
 Tennis (Boys)
 Volleyball (Boys)

7.2 Steering Sub-Committees

Each Steering Sub-Committee will consist of a chairperson (District XI Committee member) and at least two other District XI Committee members.

A minimum of one (1) annual meeting must be held with the Steering Sub-Committee members.  Other meetings should be scheduled based on need as assigned by the District XI Chairman.  Minutes must be recorded and approved by the District XI Committee as a whole for all Steering Sub-Committee Meetings.

See Appendix I for steering sub-committee membership

     7.2.1 Budget/Financial/Audit
          • A proposed district budget is to be presented at the August Meeting.

     7.2.3 By-Laws/Policy
     7.2.4 Merchandise/Marketing
     7.2.5 Nomination/Election
     7.2.6 Sports Committe Structure (PDF) Click here

8 Powers and Duties of the Committee, Officers and Staff 

8.1 Powers and Duties of a District XI Committee (extract from PIAA By-laws)
The District XI Committee shall have the following powers and duties subject to exercise by the Board of Directors of its powers as provided in Article VIII:

     8.1.1 To have general control within the District over all interscholastic athletic relations and Contests in which a member school participates, subject to the provisions of the rules and regulations of the PIAA Board of Directors. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-A)

     8.1.2 To elect its own officers and establish its own rules of procedure. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-C)

     8.1.3 To administer the finances of the District Committee. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-C)

     8.1.4 To render, within the District, an opinion on the provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations of this Association. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-D)

     8.1.5 To investigate, hear, and decide matters in dispute between member schools located within the District. The District will not consider matters submitted more than one year after the dispute arose. No officer or member of the District Committee shall be eligible to vote in case of a dispute involving such officer s or member s school or school district. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-E) (Revised 2004)

     8.1.6 To receive, request, or require data on alleged violations of the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations by or from schools located within the District. In assuming this responsibility, the District Committee shall not be required to assume the position of investigator. Charges of violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations of this Association by a member school shall be made to the Chairman of the District Committee in writing, and, if requested by the District Committee, such evidence shall be presented in the form of affidavits. ((PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-F)

     8.1.7 To make determinations as to the eligibility of contestants, and to address alleged violations of the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations of this Association. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-G)

     8.1.8 To fix and enforce penalties, within the District, for violation of the Constitution, and By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations of this Association, within the limits prescribed by the By-Laws. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-H)

     8.1.9 In acting pursuant to the provisions of subsections 8.1.4 through 8.1.8 of this Section, the District Committee shall act at a scheduled meeting, unless the Chairman of the District Committee shall determine that immediate disposition of the matter would be in the best interests of the District or the Association. In such event, the Chairman of the District Committee shall promptly convene a Hearing Panel to hear and determine such matter as expeditiously as possible. The membership of such Hearing Panel shall consist of at least five members of the District Committee with one member being that of an officer designated by the Chairman for each such matter requiring expeditious disposition. No officer or member of the District Committee shall be eligible to serve upon such Hearing Panel in any matter involving such officers or member school or school district. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-I)

     8.1.10 To have general control of District Championship Contests. (PIAA Articles VIII Sec 3-J)

     8.1.11 To act with the Board of Directors in the transfer of Schools from one District to another. (PIAA Articles VIII Sec 3-K)

     8.1.12 A District Committee shall have such other powers within the District as are in keeping with the growth and needs of the Association and which are consistent with the provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, and Rules and Regulations of the PIAA. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-L)

     8.1.13 A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the District Committee except in cases where a three-fourths or unanimous vote of the entire Committee is required. (PIAA Article VIII Sec 3-M)

8.2 Job Descriptions
     8.2.1 Officers

 District XI Chairman
               • The Chairman or their designee will represent the district at the PIAA Board of Director Meetings
               • The Chairman is a member of all sub committees.
               • The District XI Chairman will be responsible for development of the agenda for regular and special District XI committee meetings and distributing and posting the agenda one week prior to regular meetings and 24 hours in advance of special meetings if possible.
               • The Chairman will act as moderator of all district meetings, unless an item specifically pertains to their home district. If a potential conflict is apparent, the Chairman may relinquish the chair to the Vice-Chairman for those item(s).
               • The Chairman is authorized to secure PIAA legal counsel for various district hearings at the chairman’s discretion. District Vice Chairman
          • Serve as the District XI Chairman in their absence.
          • Perform duties as assigned by the District XI Chairman
          • Trophies, Medals, & Awards Coordinator

     8.2.2 Staff
               • Reserved
               • Reserved
               • Reserved
               • Reserved
 Financial Secretary
               • Reserved

     8.2.3 Sub-Committee
               • Any voting member of the District XI committee may serve as a chairman of a sub-committee.
               • Sports sub-committee chairmen are to work with the District XI Officials
Representative and League/Conference assigners to recommend officials to officiate inter-district events.

     8.2.4 Tournament Management
               • Conditions for Entry
Participation in PIAA District XI tournaments is voluntary.  District XI member schools are not required to enter tournaments sponsored by District XI.  Entry of a team into a tournament signifies that the member school accepts the conditions and provisions that are described here.  Any school wishing to NOT participate in the District XI Playoffs or Tournament should notify the District XI Sport Chairperson, in writing, by the date established in the District XI Handbook.  The Sports Chairperson will then seek formal approval from the District XI Committee.

A member school accepts the fact that the District XI Committee reserves the right to make changes in the management, operations, and schedule of the District XI tournaments if, in the Committee’s judgment, it becomes necessary.

All contests that may have an impact on District XI tournament entry or seeding must be played by the published seeding deadline as established by the District XI Committee.

     • No Protest Rule

Under PIAA rules there can be no protest of contests as follows:

The Board of Directors and District Committees will not consider protest in any athletic contest, which are based on play situations or officials’ decisions involving interpretation or judgment of plays.

In no case will the results of a contest be reversed nor will a contest be reversed nor will a contest be ordered or permitted to be replayed.

Questions regarding interpretation of rules or judgment of officials should be submitted, in writing, to the PIAA Executive Director.

 Tournament Director - See Event Manager’s Handbook
 Game Manager - See Event Manager’s Handbook
 Site Management - See Event Manager’s Handbook
 Schools - Schools are to have an official school representative (Principal or Athletic Director) at all district level events.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in a review by the District XI Committee giving special consideration to schools who may be participating in multiple events in multiple sports on the same date.

     8.2.5 Officials’ Representative Responsibilities - See Appendix L
     8.2.6 Officials

10 Problem Solving Provisions

     10.1. Please refer to pages 15 – 35 (Procedural Standards for Hearings) of the Policies & Procedures Section of the PIAA Handbook.
11 Amendments to By-Laws and Policies

     11.1 Procedures for formal adoption
These bylaws can be adopted at any regular or special meeting provided that previous notice was given at a prior meeting in writing and then sent to all members of the committee. Previous notice can be sent by postal mail, e-mail, or fax.

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